Our competitors use their about page to tell you how they can work for you. But Frixel is different - we work with you. Around here, our passion is helping small business likes yours grow into tomorrow's internet and mobile centric future. We don't just make websites - we build your business an online presence that will meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and get you in front of your potential customers.

Frixel can serve your Bay Area small business or organization with a complete suite of services ranging from website design to managed hosting to on site computer services.

You might be wondering where the name Frixel comes from. Well, we have a few theories... none of which are probably true. Perhaps, we only source the freshest pixels from local organic growers. Or, we really pay attention to the details - down to the fraction of a pixel. Thought, most likely, it's just a cool name that Michael came up with ;)

Our Team


Owner, Lead Developer, Tech

Michael has lots of experience building website and web apps, and has been fixing computers professionally for years.


Designer and Developer

Matt has a creative eye for fresh design to our team and excellent knowledge in a variety of layout and programming languages.

We're Hiring

Solutions Coordinator

We're looking for a friendly, passionate person who shares our values to help onboard future clients by showing potential customers how our solutions can improve their brand image, customer satisfaction, and bottom line.